Mass Tort / Mass Casualty


The firm has experience handling multi-district litigation arising from mass casualties. This includes airline disasters and other mass torts, such as claims for injury and death from decades-long releases of environmental agents. These cases present many legal, procedural, and managerial challenges. Defendants are best represented by lawyers who have been in such situations before, can think and act strategically from the first day, have experience in handling the legal and practical problems that come with only these large cases, and have the ability to staff the case to maximize efficiencies.

Adler Murphy & McQuillen LLP will assist clients with mass disaster response plans and then respond immediately as planned to assist at the scene of the disaster. We will be able to immediately retain the appropriate team of experts to assist in the investigation, whether the case originated from a single sudden event or from decades of action or inaction.

With many years of experience with these types of cases, we are well-equipped to develop a comprehensive strategy early in the case, focus efforts on critical pathways most likely to lead to an early resolution, and coordinate litigation from the same event that is brought in multiple jurisdictions.



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