FAA Enforcement Actions


The FAA takes enforcement actions very seriously; so do we. Whether you are an aviation business or an individual, an FAA enforcement action can profoundly affect your livelihood, reputation, and long-term opportunities. If you or your business has received a Letter of Investigation or is otherwise on notice of any proposed FAA certificate action, early consultation with our attorneys will provide you with the information and representation necessary to protect your interests in the face of potential revocation, suspension, or monetary penalties.

Many times, airmen and businesses alike do not initially realize the gravity of risk an FAA investigation poses to their rights. If you are in receipt of a Notice of Proposed Certificate Action or a Notice of Proposed Civil Penalty Action, the FAA has conducted an enforcement investigation and you are already facing legal action. Our seasoned team of attorneys will offer an aggressive defense, focused on protecting your aviation business and airman rights. Our work begins at the investigation level and, if necessary, continues through the administrative appeal process before the National Transportation Safety Board and United States Courts of Appeals. Our attorneys have effectively represented clients in enforcement proceedings throughout the country and have achieved favorable, practical resolutions.