Electronic Discovery Services


Your business lives in the digital age; your law firm should too. After nearly a decade of legal opinions, our nation's courts have made clear that legal competence and technical expertise are irrevocably and inextricably intertwined. At Adler Murphy & McQuillen LLP, we believe that, in addition to applying the most current legal precedent, we must also bring the latest techniques in electronic discovery to bear in the resolution of your matter.

Electronic discovery disputes can be extremely costly, and we'll help you mitigate costs by advising you on the latest and most legally defensible policies for document retention and destruction. Then, if an incident occurs, we'll help guide you through the litigation hold process, working with you to identify key players and documents that must be legally preserved and collected.

Our attorneys have experience in crafting protective orders that address the challenges of a variety of complex litigation scenarios, including the protection of intellectual property and compliance with the Export Control Act and International Trafficking of Arms Regulations. Finally, if necessary to defend your case, our attorneys will work with computer forensics experts and other technical specialists to ensure that the defense of your claim is robustly supported.