Appellate Law


The Appellate Practice Group represents clients in high-profile cases across the country in state and federal courts of review. We have handled various interlocutory appeals, appeals of final decisions, and petitions. We have briefed and argued appeals on a wide array of issues, such as: class action, products liability, choice-of-law, collateral estoppel, tort immunity,forum non conveniens, spoliation, educational malpractice, breach of contract, and many others.

 We work hard to preserve favorable outcomes in the trial court and, in the event of an adverse ruling, do our utmost to obtain reversal for our clients. The Appellate Practice Group also coordinates with the firm's trial teams in the pre-trial, trial, and post-trial stages to assist with brief writing and issue preservation. In addition to their appellate practice, members of the firm's Appellate Practice Group also actively litigate their own cases in the trial court; this assists them with spotting issues on appeal, and it deepens their subject matter experience to the benefit of the firm's clients.




  • Employment Discrimination Case Filed by Professor Against College and Administrators

    Obtained dismissal with prejudice of employment discrimination suit filed by college professor against college and administrators for alleged violations of Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act and Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Prevailed on plaintiff's appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

  • Disappearance of Laptop Computers During Air Transport

    Obtained summary judgment for a cargo carrier in litigation arising out of the alleged disappearance of over $500,000 in laptop computers. Successfully defended appeal.

  • Breach of Contract Class Action Regarding Baggage Fee

    Obtained dismissal of a class action complaint for breach of contract based upon the "pick-off" exception to class certification and established Illinois precedent regarding same. Successfully represented air carrier before the Illinois Supreme Court, which issued a unanimous opinion dismissing plaintiffs' putative class action complaint and reversing Illinois Appellate Court's opinion.

  • Cessna 421B Accident at Palwaukee Municipal Airport, Wheeling, Illinois

    Represented aircraft operator in litigation arising out of crash of Cessna 421B airplane at Palwaukee Municipal Airport, Wheeling, Illinois. Represented aircraft operator in issue of first impression in the State of Illinois concerning the scope of the educational malpractice doctrine in aviation cases.

  • Boeing 737 Accident at Douala International Airport, Douala, Cameroon

    Obtained dismissal on forum non conveniens grounds for U.S. aircraft component part manufacturer in litigation involving crash of Kenyan airline operated  Boeing 737 at Douala International Airport in Cameroon.

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