Meet James S. Koehler



Saturday, September 25, 2021

James S. Koehler

Jim Koehler lives with his wife and two teenage children in the far western suburbs of Chicago.  He is an accomplished litigator and was recently named as one of our newest partners.  Jim's success stems in large part from his superior work ethic. When asked to bestow advice for lawyers new to the profession, Jim says, "Work hard because you enjoy the work." He also advises new lawyers to find a balance between professional and personal commitments and he prides himself on his ability to succeed at both.

In  the 20 years Jim has been practicing law, he has seen a wide variety of cases. "That's the exciting part about this job. You get to learn about different industries," he says. As an example, Jim recounts his part in the successful defense of a landfill operator in a $40 million lawsuit. Before accepting the case, he had little knowledge of the complex world of CERCLA litigation. After years of being immersed in the case, he walked away with a knowledge of environmental law and a favorable verdict for his client.  

Jim continues to represent a variety of professionals with a special emphasis on the construction industry. He can't help but learn the industry through his representation of architects, engineers and related construction professionals. Understanding the design and construction of buildings is a part of the job he enjoys. Learning the industries he works in requires extra effort and a tireless devotion to his cases. However, it has never stopped him from devoting time to his family.

Outside the office my biggest interests are my wife and kids," Jim says. He spends a lot of time cheering from the sidelines at baseball and volleyball games and also makes time for Sam, his Labrador Retriever. He and his wife of 27 years enjoy traveling to new places. There is a picture in his office of Michelangelo's famous statue, TheDavid, which he placed there toremind him of a trip he and his wife took to Florence. Their travels have taken them to many places, including Germany, Austria, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada and Switzerland. However, the trip they took to Egypt for their 20th anniversary was his favorite. He says Egypt was a place that he put on his bucket list years before because of his interest in Egyptian history and culture. In the end, that's part of the reason why the trip was so special. "I thought it was a place I would never go," he says.

Jim says it is an honor to be made partner at Adler, Murphy & McQuillen LLP. "The firm is made up of very impressive attorneys and dedicated employees," he says. "My job is made more enjoyable because everyone in the firm is a pleasure to work with." His co-workers feel the same way about working with him.

We are proud to call Jim our partner and we look forward to his continued success at the firm.

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